Have a seat, and make yourself at home

We welcome you to your “home away from home”. Our living-room is a multi-funcional space and a gathering place for our guests.  Here is where we serve breakfast and afternoon tea, and here is where you may relax over a good book or a magazine in the evenings. An honesty bar is available: A fridge filled with a variety of cold drinks as well as a wine chambrair with wines from the sun-drenched Elbe Valley and some local and international spirits. And you will always find something to nibble on.

By the way: helpful “lifesavers” such as toothbrush and toothpaste, combs and other helpful items are available in the pantry-kitchen, as well as an iron and and an ironing board.

And, as laundromats are rare in rural Germany, we shall gladly do your laundry if needed.