A passion for gardening

Fedder Paulsen is not only committed to flower painting, but he has had a passion for gardening since he was a child. In the warm and sun-drenched Elbe valley he has found the perfect conditions for his ambitious plans to create the perfect garden: From April to October, the lush outdoor patio is the perfect place for sweet idleness, a feast for the eyes with the multitude of plants and flowers, many of which are rare and precious finds. Fedder will happily share these treasures with you. The inner courtyard is the place to have breakfast in the summer and to share some special moments by candlelight in the evenings. A glass of local wine is always available in the self-serve fridge-bar.

And for those who crave for even more romantic flair, grab your sweetheart and a bottle of wine and climb up to the gazebo in the vineyard. From here, surrounded by an ocean of flowers and plants, you will enjoy the most stunning view of the Elbe valley and the illuminated Albrecht Castle. During harvesting season, it is always a special treat to nibble on the surrounding grapes on the slope.